G's Angels is a public charity that is raising awareness about America's worst drug epidemic and how opioids are playing a huge role. 


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 The Internet is a very effective communication tool. Please, use it wisely!

The Internet is a very effective communication tool. Please, use it wisely!


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 Univision 23 (Miami)

Univision 23 (Miami)

G’s Angel’s, una organización que busca evitar que los jóvenes ingresen al mundo de la droga

By: Univision

Published: Jun 09, 2017 | 02:16 PM EDT

"Roberto Salcedo, fundador de G’s Angel’s, explicó cómo la pérdida de un hermano por el abuso de drogas, sirvió para crear este proyecto que busca prevenir a la comunidad sobre este flagelo. "Tratamos de prevenir a la juventud de nuestra comunidad para que no entren en este mundo de las drogas y para hacerlo realizamos eventos deportivos", dijo Salcedo."


 Univision 23 (Miami)

Univision 23 (Miami)

En EEUU mueren 91 personas al día por el consumo de drogas

By: Univision

Published: Aug 01, 2017 | 01:50 PM EDT

"G’s Angel es una fundación creada para ayudar a personas que han caído en el mundo de las drogas. Su origen se debe a la promesa de una madre a un hijo que no pudo sobrevivir a la adicción. “Lo traté de ayudar, pero no lo pude salvar”, dijo Linda Salcedo, quien aseguro que diariamente mueren en EEUU 91 personas por adicción a las drogas."

         CBS Local (Miami)

        CBS Local (Miami)

        Local Leaders Reinforce DOJ’s 3-Step Approach To Opioid Epidemic

        By: Ted Scouten May 11, 2017 at 5:17 pm

        MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Roberto Salcedo has great memories of his older brother Guillermo.

        “He was always very analytical, smart, very studious,” he said.

        The two went to Gulliver Prep and Guillermo went on to college. Somewhere along the way, he found drugs.

        “Pretty much like the last candidate you’d think to become an addict,” said his mother, Linda Salcedo. “I know that he did oxycodone and from oxycodone, I would imagine, he went straight to heroin.”

        At 25, he overdosed on heroin laced with fentanyl.

        “He passed away 21 days later,” she said. “I was able to say goodbye and I give thanks to that.”

        Experts are calling the rise of opioid and heroin deaths an epidemic.

        “According to the CDC, heroin-related overdose deaths have more than quadrupled since 2010,” said Benjamin Greenberg, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

        Greenberg hosted a townhall meeting Thursday at Booker T. Washington High School to inform the community of the deadly spread of heroin, opioids and fentanyl. Two panel discussions reinforced the Justice Department’s three-fold approach to the epidemic by raising awareness, highlighting the best uses of police enforcement, and deploying resources for treatment.

        “Unincorporated Miami-Dade County, last year, we had 84 murders,” said Miami-Dade Police Dir. Juan Perez. “We had over 270 deaths related to heroin overdoses. That paints the picture right now.”

        The DEA said drugs on the street are stronger than ever.

        “We see fentanyl mixed with cofentanyl, mixed with heroin and cocaine, and it’s amazing to me that some people survive even consuming some of this stuff,” said DEA Assoc. Lab Director Agnes Winokur.

        Many overdose without even realizing what they took.

        “When you’re buying heroin from a dealer on the street or someone else, you don’t know what you’re buying,” said DEA agent A.J. Collazo.

        Police point out that they can’t “arrest our way out” of this crisis. It will take prevention and effective treatment programs, as well.


        Featured Articles 

        G's Angels has been featured in the following articles 

         The Islander News (Key Biscayne) 

        The Islander News (Key Biscayne) 

        “It comes out of pure love:” G’s Angels creates awareness, hope in face of drug crisis

        "Everyone who lines up to run the Key Biscayne Half Marathon October 1 – or any distance race – will have a reason. Fitness, fun, meeting a goal. For one local family, there’s even more to crossing the finish line after those 13.1 long miles: a chance to remember a loved one lost too soon, and along the way raise awareness about the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation and South Florida. Linda Salcedo and son Roberto founded G’s Angels about six months ago in honor of Guillermo Salcedo, son to Linda and big brother to Roberto."

         Beat Weekly (online blog)

        Beat Weekly (online blog)

        G’s Angels Foundation Featured on Univision

        By Carlos Egas on Jun 12, 2017

        "The Miami-based foundation G’s Angels were the main guests at Channel 23 Univision last Saturday to talk about their mission and vision. Roberto Salcedo, G’s Angels founder, talked about how the organization was made after the tragic loss of his brother last year due to an opioid overdose"


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        The Opioid Crisis in America
        ....Learn about the opioid epidemic in the United States, including information about treatment and recovery from opioid addiction.

        //Harvard Medical School

        Understanding Opioids: From addiction to recovery
        ....Opioid use has exploded during the past two decades. Since 1999, sales of prescription opioids in the U.S. have nearly quadrupled. The good news is that there are a number of effective interventions for opioid addiction. 

        //Harvard Medical School

        Opioids and Addiction
        ....A Governors Roundtable on State Approaches to Treatment

        //Harvard The School of Public Health



        Miami is Reporting Fewer Opioid Deaths. Here’s Why.
        ....The University of Miami Health System makes a local impact on the national opioid epidemic.


        Medication-Assisted Treatment Can Lower Risk of Opioid Addiction Relapses
        ....Medication-assisted treatment may be the most effective strategy for preventing potentially fatal relapses for individuals recovering from opioid addictions, according to national experts at a University of Miami Miller School of Medicine symposium held May 21 at the Shalala Student Center.


        Neuropathic mechanisms and gene therapy on opioid dependence
        ....Project Summary

        //Research Profiles



        An NYU Nurse-Epidemiologist Tackles Opioid Crisis Myths and Facts
        ....NYU Meyers's Holly Hagan is applying her experience tracking HIV in cities to a new rural epidemic.

        //NYU Meyers

        Opioid Use Prevalent Among Electronic Dance Music Partygoers
        ....Drug Use Not Limited to Typical “Club” Drugs, NYU Study Finds

        //NYU Meyers

        An Addiction Specialist Explains the Deadly Link between Prescription Opioids & Heroin Abuse
        ....In February, the federal government announced it would seek more than $1.1 billion to fight the spiraling epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse.

        //NYU Meyers

        University Experts Discuss Opioid Epidemic Struggle and Solutions
        ....The misuse of opioids including prescription drugs has become a serious national epidemic.

        //Washington Square News


        UC Berkeley 

        4 Myths About Opioids and Pain
        ....It’s no secret that the United States is in the midst of an opioid abuse epidemic.

        //UC Berkeley Wellness

        We’re Not on OxyContin Anymore, Toto
        ....Perry Solomon is used to people extolling the virtues of medical cannabis.

        //Cal Alumni Association

        Opioid Crisis Op-Ed
        ....Allison Hunn ’18 co-wrote a CNBC op-ed asserting that the Trump administration has hindered efforts to combat America’s opioid crisis. Hunn, who worked in the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs before law school, contends that certain actions—and inactions—have stoked the epidemic’s medical and economic impact.

        //Berkeley Law

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